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Write your affirmation essay right away - key tips and deceives




Examinations are the bane of every student – be it elementary or a college graduate. The road to writing essays is a long and arduous task, but rewarding nonetheless. Doing exams is hard, and exams involving essays, don’t make life any easier. Essays aren’t hard to write per se, but given the context and scenario in which to write them situates their difficulty, especially given the limited time frame available in an exam. Here are 5 of the tips that I used whenever I wrote essays for my GCSE English examinations. There is many essay writer are available on the internet.



By this point, I believe you’re all well versed with the proper composition of an essay, as well as the different types of essays. If not, then I’m afraid that you are doomed, my friend. No matter! I’m here to help, not criticize. To bring you up to speed, each essay should begin with an introduction that builds the foundations to your essay, state the “why” of the essay, and write the “how” to your essay (or understand the question, and provide a solution)



You must understand, not anyone is born talented or skilled in writing unless of course, you’re already talented in writing, no disrespect. Anyway, my point is, “Practice makes a man perfect”. It isn’t enough to be unprepared when writing an essay, much less an exam!



Familiarize yourself with different types of essays. Understand what makes a good story by writing narratives, explain an unknown venture or idea in descriptive, or butt heads with intellect by arguing or opining your claims and standing strong with it.


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin!



  • Find your words

First off, as is important for any other exam, read and understand the question CAREFULLY. Don’t skim; scan. Understand each word, uncover the mystery behind the question, underline the ideas that convey the theme of the topic, and become one with the question. Once you’ve understood what needs to be done, jot them down on your answer sheet. You don’t need to be organized by now - just right them down



  • Interrogate your ideas

Now that that’s out of the way, next comes spending some time with your trusted friend, especially in exams, the brain. Look at the words you’ve scrawled on your piece of paper, and start associating ideas that complement the words you’ve written. Whenever I would write my essay involving essays, I would always question the word by stating the 5 Ws (or 4 depending on the word) - who, what, when, where, and why. A good rule of thumb to follow if you ask me




Now that we’ve danced our way through our words, it’s time to line them up in an orderly fashion. Give specific headings to your essay structure in the following way: introduction - body - conclusion. Each paragraph should have a minimum amount of 150 to 200 words; however, you are not constrained to the limit of your paragraph. Paragraphing should be complete and flow towards the next, and not be casual or half-done.



  • Connect (with) your words

Once you bid farewell to your brain, it is now time to re-focus on the words with the broken spider diagram that you’ve made in the previous step, try connecting the WORDS you’ve established in the first step. This is essential as it will now try to generate a flow between your ideas, and don’t just stop at that. Interconnect, dance, weave, flow with your ideas displayed before you. Connecting with your words is essential either in becoming an essay writer or in this case, passing your exam.



  • Start writing!

Now that you’ve gone through with the prewriting\ phase, it is time to get your hands messy with ink. Begin your essay on a fresh sheet of paper. Be clean, prim, and proper, like imagine going to a fancy dinner or visiting guests. No cutting, no whitening, and no beautifying. Stay focused, and finish your essay by strictly following the prewriting plan.



It’s still not the end, my friend! Once you're done with your essay, proofread and add the final touches to your masterpiece. Conclude by encompassing all your ideas while sticking to the main theme of the question given to you, place that final piece of cherry on top.



Essays can be hard to perfect. Many have sought help with their essays from essay writing service that provide services to individuals for writing essays, term papers, or dissertations, as well as handing out sample and model papers to follow.



Imagine writing your essay as constructing a building, or making a delicious sandwich.



The introduction would act as the foundation to your building, or the toasted bread to your sandwich, pulling the reader into your endeavor.
The “meat” or the skeleton to your building would become the body of your essay: the meatier the sandwich or taller the building, the tastier or beautiful your essay becomes.
Finally, the conclusion is the final spire or roof, or the final piece of bread on your essay. Make it impactful, tasteful, and beautiful.



Exams can be stressful, and preparing for them doesn’t help either, but one can prepare oneself to weather the storm:

  • Whenever stuck, take a deep breath and move. Time is of the essence in an exam, and each minute counts. Stuck on brainstorming, don’t worry, move on to the next.
  • Be adaptive and flexible. Although given the strict nature of the planning, you don’t need to strictly stick to the rules designed above. Give at least an hour to your planning and add in more ideas if you feel your essay is lacking.
  • Lastly, don’t panic! Exams are meant to test your caliber and fortitude in a strict time frame. It is up to you to cope with it: whenever pressured, stop and meditate; slow down and approach cautiously. No need to jump the gun, take it slow and you’ll endure this.


 Keep calm and keep writing!




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