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"The First Day at College" Descriptive Essay Sample – 2022


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To have an idea about the kind of descriptive essay we provide a model is given underneath.


Test: first day at school

There are numerous memorable occasions in my life which I by and large remember. One of these memorable days was my first day at school. This was the day when I felt that I had finished one of my childhood wishes. Since the beginning, I have consistently dreamed of being a PC engineer. Gaming, graphic designing, coding, and looking at how programming is being made have forever been my favorite activities since childhood.


I by and large wanted to join the item industry due to which I needed to attain my school in PC programming. After effectively working hard for such endless years I finally got picked for a reliable school and had the opportunity to fulfill my fantasies. My first day at school was mixed with feelings and any expectation of a bright future as a result of which has been one of the most memorable days of my life.


On my first day at school, I was more interested in attaining information associated with my course than grounds tours. I wanted my educators to give a brief about the course I was signed up for. I made two or three friends too on my first day at school. They were additionally ambitious and like me by and large wanted to join the field of innovation. Albeit a student ordinarily becomes a little apprehensive on the first day of school this was bogus for my situation. I was confident and merry looking forward to facing difficulties.


My day began with a good rest and a solid breakfast. My people dropped me at school and then left for their work. All of the newbies were guided towards the auditorium where we were given a little introduction and then, at that point, headed towards the grounds tour. At the point when the grounds tour finished all of the understudies were instructed to sit in their prospective classes.


The first classes went quite well, both the educators gave a brief about the course they were going to show in the first semester and a brief course overview. On the first day, we just had 3 classes and then, we needed to wait for evening shift transports. With few notes in my sack and little information regarding my matter I then, headed towards my transport and set out for home.


My first day at school has forever been memorable in light of the way that this was the day when I finally got signed up for the course I by and large wanted to review. I barely had anything to focus on my first day at school however the courses and course map seemed interesting. Meeting new mates and entering another period of my life were likewise the main purposes behind my excitement.


The first day at school is constantly memorable for each student. It is the beginning of another stage in one's life and new beginnings are continuously interesting. Having the opportunity of attaining higher education is the fantasy of every single kid. However, in view of expenses, there are several understudies who avail of this opportunity.


I am additionally one of these understudies due to which I was exceptionally excited on my first day at school. The first day of school is confusing yet promising about a bright and effective profession later on. An individual should constantly think positive and be confident and with this idea, I went through my entire first day at school with confidence and trust.


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